We’re Getting Married

FRIDAY, 16st AUGUST 2013

Our Story.

Once upon a time, there was Justin. Justin knew this girl named Chelsea. Only he really didn't know her, he knew of her. Justin had been in the same company of friends with her and had even been beaten played volleyball with her. Then one night while the gang was out eating at "On the Border," Justin finally got his chance. You see, Justin had noticed Chelsea noticing him. I mean come on she is only human (HAHA!).

Anyways, Chelsea was playing on her phone and mentioned she had just downloaded this new Push To Talk app, HeyTell! Being the nerd that he is, Justin began to inform the young lady that she was behind on the times about this. Then he took his shot.

"Chelsea, why don't you give me your phone number so I can show you how this works."

And she did!

This was the beginning of MANY long HeyTell conversation. As the two began to get to know each other, Justin began to invite Chelsea out to hang out. But each outting turned into a group gathering (AHEM Chelsea!) After what seemed like forever in the dreaded "Friend-Zone," Justin had reached the boiling point and just came out with it.

"O.K. Chelsea, I'm not very good at this, so I am just going to come out with it. I like you and would like to get to know you as more than friends. As far as I can tell, I think you kinda might maybe feel the same way about me. Am I completely wrong?"

And she said "Yes! You're completely wrong. I hate your stinking guts." Yea Right! She agreed to go out on a date and see what this Justin character was all about.

It was a nice first date. Justin took this beautiful woman out to the local sushi hot-spot, Tsunami. The two would-be love birds enjoyed a nice evening out and ended it with a walk down the levee. This was how it all began.

She did not know what would come of said date but she did know that she would have fun and laugh a lot because that Justin guy was kind of funny and had a knack to make her laugh.

A few days after the fateful first date (November 9, 2011 to be exact), the two decided to DTR (define the relationship) aka: to see one another exclusively. It was a big step for the both of them but they knew they wanted to get to know one another on a deeper level.

From that day forward, Chelsea and Justin spent time together growing their relationship, exploring, having adventures and just enjoying one anothers company. Oh yea, he kind of kept her sane throughout her 10 month program to becoming a registered nurse.

Over the next few months, they enjoyed many experiences such as holidays with their families, a summer beach vacation, Chelsea graduating from nursing school, finally getting a big girl job, and moving out into an apartment. Also, Justin got a new job at a software development where he is free to "nerd out" on the daily and make money doing what he loves.

Finally came the big day!(!!!!) We had looked at engagement rings and talked future and made tentative timelines but Chelsea was completely unaware of what Justin had up his sleeve.

The day began as a regular December Sunday. Later on that evening they were planning on going to Justin's family Christmas party. When Chelsea inquired as to what she should wear, Justin told her he wanted her to dress up "in a dress or something" so they could take nice pictures. Of course, this happened to be one of those rare occasions where she was not in the mood to be dressed up.

Reluctantly, after many outfit tries, Chelsea decided on an outfit, even though it was not her favorite, not knowing it would be so important. She may or may not have complained the whole way about how she hated what she was wearing and did not want to be dressed up.

Eventually after playing Christmas games it was time to take said pictures in front of the Christmas tree. When it was Justin and Chelsea's turn, she noticed and small red box with a bow under the tree. He picked up the box and told her to open it.

When she opened it, she saw the most beautiful ring that she had been eyeing for quite some time. It was then when everything began to make sense and she knew exactly what was going on.

He got on a knee and of course she said YES (through the happy tears).

Since then, they have been enjoying this next phase and looking forward to a wonderful future together!